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The International Mountain Explorers Connection created the Partnership for Responsible Travel Program to recognize those tour operators committed to fair treatment of the mountain crew. Acceptance as a Partner is based upon the climbing company’s meeting the Guidelines for Proper Porter Treatment on Kilimanjaro through the monitoring activities performed by IMEC's local initiative, the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project.

There is no fee or donation required to be a part of the Partner Program. It is a part of IMEC’s mission to highlight those climbing companies with fair treatment practices. Criteria for acceptance as a Partner:

  • Implementation ofsystems that ensure fair treatment for the company’s crew.
  • Demonstration of compliance with the proper treatment guidelines.

We are experiencing instances of companies using our organization's name on their website who have not been accepted as a Partner for Responsible Travel. For a current list, please visit the CURRENT PARTNERS section of our website.

As an IMEC Partner for Responsible Travel

The Local Partner Climbing Company is expected to:

  • Pay the minimum wage agreed upon by the porters unions of at least 15,000 Tsh per day for porters.
  • Make salary payments within 2 days after the descent of a climb.
  • Provide the appropriate number of porters so that porters carry no more than 20kg for the company weight.
  • Implement a tipping procedure to ensure that the porters receive the full amount of tip intended for them.
  • Provide the porter with 3 meals per day and cover food costs for the crew.
  • Ensure that porters have the proper gear for the climb.
  • Provide adequate tents and ground sheet.
  • Assist with the descent of an ill porter and provide for medical treatment as indicated.
  • Establish a policy against the payment of jembe (bribe) and declare that kirunje (stealing extra tip money) will not be tolerated within the company PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT FORM 2016

The Local Climbing Company agrees to:

  • Cooperate with all of the Monitoring Methods performed by IMEC’s local initiative, the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP).
  • Be receptive to and follow up on KPAP’s reporting.
  • Meet a minimum of 85% performance level.

The Overseas Partner Climbing Company is expected to:

  • Ensure that the local outfitter has been approved by IMEC as a company adhering in practice to the recommended Guidelines for Proper Porter Treatment.
  • Make certain that the local company allows IMEC to monitor the company for observance of these guidelines.

By becoming a Partner for Responsible Travel with IMEC you can guarantee that your company is doing its utmost to ensure that porters are given the treatment they deserve. In so doing, you will also reinforce your company's reputation for fair labor practices. Please join us in our work to ensure proper treatment of porters.


For more information or to register your company, please contact us at [email protected]
Thank you!