Benefits for a Partner Company

The general public and in particular the climbing public is more and more aware of the social and ethical aspects of travelling the world. The benefits of our partner program  make sure you are one of the responsible travel companies. 

Reputation as Social Responsible company

As a Partner for Responsible Travel Company you demonstrate that you are ensuring fair and ethical treatment of mountain crew monitored by an independent and objective organization. In so doing, you will be reinforcing your company’s reputation for fair labor practices and as a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Marketing advantage

Being a Partner Company is a major marketing advantage proving that your company is dedicated to responsible tourism and ethical travel.  It will also provide your business with greater market exposure as many clients specifically seek ethical and responsible travel companies.

We provide you with a toolkit for marketing your membership

Free publicity

 We publish information about our partners on social media. Free positive publicity. And much more!

Quality Mark

Only as a partner you are allowed to use our quality mark. Wrongfully using of our logo will be followed by appropriate actions.